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Welcome to the Big Pitch Radio Show!

BIG-PITCH-RADIO-SHOW2Are you tired of the same old interview style shows on business talk radio?  Do you have a short attention span? Are you ready for a one hour radio show that seems like it only lasts 5 minutes? Are you begging for a show that you wish wasn’t ending? Your prayers have been answered.  If you like the show Shark Tank, you’re going to love our show.  The format of our show is broken down into three segments.

Throwing out the first pitch to the CEO

The first segment is going to be our  20 in 10  segment where we will be interviewing CEO’s of large organizations in a rapid fire setting where we will be asking 20 questions in 10 minutes.  Of course we will be asking them about their companies and products and services, but we will be drilling them to get into the psyche of these highly successful people and getting to the crux of what makes them successful. We’re also going to be having fun by asking crazy questions like what is their favorite holiday?  We will be asking each of the CEO’s to bring an idea, tip or strategy that our audience can benefit from as well.

7th Inning Stretch

The 7th inning stretch will be a break in the action that will last approximately 5 minutes where an expert guest will provide insight into a particular function of a business. From sales and marketing, legal issues and finance, our audience will be given various resources and information that is intended to be very useful in the development of their businesses.

Extra Innings and THE BIG PITCH

The Big Pitch will be thirty minutes of pure bliss. Three perspective businesses seeking investment will have 60 seconds to pitch their business right on the air in efforts to secure an investment from our investment group.  They will be on the hot seat where we will be asking questions to determine whether or not they meet the criteria for investment.  You are going to want to tune in to see if they hit a home run our strike out!!!

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