November 28, 2014 – Denver, Colorado – Big Pitch Radio, LLC announced today the launch of The Big Pitch Radio show to be aired on Biz Talk Radio Network in syndication. The concept of the show is a deviation from the traditional business talk format in that businesses seeking investment or outright acquisition will have a chance to pitch their business to the hosts in an effort to have the opportunity to present to investors. The hosts, Jason Garey and Sue Malone will act as the gatekeepers for the investment groups, vetting companies right on the air. If the businesses hit a home run, they will be given direct access and an opportunity to pitch their businesses to the investment groups and if they strike out, they will be given a free business plan analysis as a consolation prize. Another segment will have CEO’s getting drilled with hilarious questions in a rapid fire style with questions about their businesses but also odd questions like “If you were a dancer, who would you look like?

“This will be my third show and I have to admit that this show is the one I’m most excited for and proud of” said Jason Garey, Host/Scout of The Big Pitch Radio Show. “We live in a world of shorter attention spans and a thirst for something new and innovative.” Jason added. “We wanted to create something special, something that people could get really excited about. We felt that the same interview style shows that are out there and that I’ve been a part of needed a little bit of a makeover.” Jason continued, “Imagine if your local comedy club and The Shark Tank had a baby, this show would be that baby.” “We need to get the CEO’s of these businesses out of their comfort zones. Business doesn’t have to be so serious. We believe that one way to bridge the gap between those who are immersed in business and those who should be exposed to it is by poking fun at ourselves and showing vulnerability. We care passionately about people, entrepreneurs and this economy and believe that this show will help people while making them laugh at the same time.” Please tune in weekdays 3-4 PM at www.bigpitchradio.com .

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